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ENGWR 302 - Professor Bell (Fall 2021): Weclome!



Librarians are here to help!

Hello Class! I'm Sarah, one of the ARC Librarians, and I designed this guide to help you do the research for your exploratory essay.

One of the most important resources that can make your research process easier and faster is a librarian - we are here to help you with your research! We want you to ask us questions! Click "Ask a Librarian" or email me directly at:

Last but not least, if you are new to the research process, or if you'd like to brush up on your research skills, I recommend going through the following tutorials: 

Find Your Focus: 3-30-3 Technique

Choosing a topic is often the hardest part of writing the paper! Here's a quick technique you can try: 

3 Minute Free-Write: Choose a topic you might want to write about. Think about why that topic is important or interesting to you. Free-write for 3 minutes without self-judgement or editing

30 Minute Free-Read: Give yourself 30 minutes to Google & read about your topic with no agenda. Go down some rabbit holes and see where your reading leads you. 

3 Minute Reflection: Now that you've done some research, take another 3 minutes to reflect on whether this topic is still interesting to you.

  • If not, choose another topic and start over. :)
  • If so, what aspects interest you most? Sketch a quick outline of how you might organize your paper, and jot down at least 3 aspects you'd like to research further. 

Contact a Librarian

ask a librarian, contact us; phone, email, text