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HSER 365- Professor Machado (Spring 2020): Find Books and Articles

Getting Started

These sources are often good starting points for researching controversial issues. They'll give you an overview and alert you to issues in your topic which you may want to focus on.

Use 2-3 keywords in the two databases below to find some background information on your topic. 

Search Tip: Truncation

Use an asterisk after the root of a word to find similar words.

For example:

discriminat* would find discriminate, discrimination, discriminatory, etc.

transgender* would find transgender, transgendered, transgenderism.


OneSearch is one place to search for many different kinds of sources, including; books, eBooks, academic articles, news articles, videos, and more.

You may need to try more a few different searches to get the info you want. Please ask for help if you're not finding what you need.


OneSearch in One Minute

Keywords to Try

OneSearch is a bit more robust that the databases you used earlier, so while it's still a good idea to start with 2-3 keywords, you can used the 'Advanced Search' feature to add more relevant terms as needed to refine your search (e.g. therapy or counseling).