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Honors Symposium: Finding Books and Articles

Off-Campus Access

To login from off-campus, you will need your eServices username (w+student ID) and password. 


OneSearch Los Rios Libraries

Find books, articles, ebooks and more

OneSearch is really what it's name implies, one place to search for many different kinds of sources, including; books, eBooks, academic articles, news articles, videos, and more!


Search Tips:

  • 2-5 keywords often works well
  • Take advantage of the filters inside of OneSearch
  • Try different keywords - think synonyms!
    • Example: dog, puppy, canine, etc.  

OneSearch Basics

Example Searches and Tools

Topic Example: How has the representation of gender roles in television changed since the 1950's? 

Example Searches 

  1. television gender history
  2. television gender role history
  3. television "gender role" history 


Search Tools: 

Asterisk: Use this to shorten a word and search for all possible endings of a root word, ie the search below is searching for censor/censorship/censored/censoring/etc. This tool will give you more results.

Example: censor*


Quotation marks: Use these around your keywords for what is called an exact or phrase search. This tool will give you fewer results because it searches for your keywords together, exactly as you’ve entered them. 

Example: "social media"

Additional Databases

The below databases are great places to get background information or browse topics.