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GEOL 330- Professor Jaecks (Spring 2020): APA Format

APA Publication Manual

Your instructor may require you to use APA format or create APA style citations. If so, the info on this page will answer the majority of your APA questions.

If the info on this page does not answer your APA questions, you may need to consult the APA Publication Manual, which is available in the library.

Free Online Citation Creators

A word of warning: These sites FREQUENTLY create citations that contain errors. Still, some students find them easier than creating their own citations. If you use these, double check their work very carefully.

APA Format

If you're new to APA style, click on the first link.  This video provides step-by-step instructions to formatting your paper and citations in Microsoft Word 2007.

The other links are to the OWL at Purdue, an excellent online guide to citation styles. 

ARC Library's APA Guide

If you'd like additional instructions and examples of APA citations, take a look at this guide.