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What’s the Problem: Instructions

Part 1: Write a 500-word research paper in which you identify and provide peer-reviewed support for two contributing factors/reasons for a socially relevant and important problem. You must do research in the online college library. (100 points)

Problem vs. Issue: A problem is something that the vast majority of people agree needs a solution, while an issue is something that has numerous varying viewpoints. Example: death from starvation is a problem; we all agree on the need to solve it, while drugs are an issue, with a wide range of possible responses.

List of potential problems to address:

  • Population
  • Climate change
  • Poverty
  • Nuclear energy
  • Electronic surveillance (privacy)
  • Smartphones (negative impacts)
  • Automobile accidents
  • War
  • Food scarcity
  • Water scarcity

Important: This is not an opinion paper. This essay is intended to increase your research skills.You are to do formal academic research and report your findings. Avoid unsupported opinion, personal preference, and anecdotal evidence. This essay is situated firmly inside the domain of the scientific model. Do not mistake this for a 500-word rant or opinion-piece. You must apply evidence from your research


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