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ENGWR 300 - Professor Youngs (Spring 2020): Finding Sources


OneSearch Los Rios Libraries

Find books, articles, ebooks and more

OneSearch is exactly what its name implies: one place to search for many different kinds of sources -- including books, eBooks, scholarly articles, news articles, videos, and more!

OneSearch in One Minute

Search Tips


  • Keywords: Brainstorm some additional search terms.
  • 3-5 keywords often works well
  • Take advantage of the limiters on the left of your search results to get current and relevant results.

Parentheses and Or: Use these around keywords separated by the word "OR" to expand your search with synonyms. Putting "OR" between words means that either term (or both) will be returned in the search.

  • Example:
    • (cheap OR affordable OR supply)
    • (label OR packaging)
    • (law OR legislation)

Asterisk: Use this to shorten a word and search for all possible endings of the root word. This tool will give you more results.

  • Example:
    • label* = label, labels, labeled, labeling
    • packag* = package, packaged, packaging

Example Research Question: Should the government require clearer food label packaging?

Example Searches in OneSearch:

  1. government food labeling
  2. (government OR law) food (label* OR packag*)
  3. nutrition law food (label* OR packag*) United States

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