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BUS 310 - Nordell - (Fall 2020): Writing Help

ARC's Expectations of Student Behavior & Conduct

You'll find information on the possible consequences of plagiarism under the section on Academic Integrity & Academic Honesty.

What is Plagiarism?

The short videos on this page from Rutgers University Libraries are funny, but very informative. If you have any question about when you need to cite sources, please watch them!

APA & MLA on the Web

Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL) is one of the best and most reliable online style & formatting guides. 

Official Style and Formatting Guides at the Library

There are many helpful style & formatting guides online but you may still have to consult the official handbook in some cases.

Free Online Citation Creators

A word of warning: These sites FREQUENTLY create citations that contain errors. Still, some students find them easier than creating their own citations. If you use these, double check their work very carefully.

ARC Library's APA & MLA Guides

Printed versions of these guides are available by the Research Help Desk on the main floor of the Library. 

APA & MLA Formatting Videos

These videos have really great content (even if the production value isn't that awesome).