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Research Appointments

Research Appointments


Write a three to five (3-5) page paper and prepare a five to eight (5-8) minute presentation on a career of your choosing. 
The purpose of this assignment is to incorporate the Five Steps for Career and Life Planning (Self Awareness, Career Awareness, Decision Making, and Goal Setting, Job Searching, and a Balance Lifestyle) to find a career that fits you. 

1. Your presentation and research paper should contain the career/job you want, name, date, and the class title.

2. Provide a detailed description of this career/job. 
3. Describe the education and training necessary for this job/career.

 Do you need to have a specific major? (ex: Liberal Studies -Elementary Teacher Teaching Credential)

4. Provide information about the salary and benefits.

 What is the average starting salary for someone with this job?
 What is the average salary for someone with this job?

5. Describe the typical working conditions and answer the following questions:

 What is the working environment (indoors, outdoors, office, laboratory, etc.)?
 What are the tasks performed?
 Is there a dress code (lab coat, formal or business attire, etc.)?
 Is it safe or dangerous, clean or dirty, day or night, etc.? 
 Are there any other advantages or disadvantages?

6. Describe how your personality traits, interest, skills, strengths, values, needs and joys fit this
Additional requirements:
 Please type your research paper and follow the guideline listed in the course syllabus.
 You must use at least three different sources: book, scholarly journal, website/internet, interview, movie, speaker, etc.). 
 In addition, you must also use at least three assessment results (SkillScan, True Colors, What are My Values, Micro-Skills, Values, Strengths, Needs and Joys Activity, etc.). 
 For your presentation, you are welcome to use PowerPoint or Prezi.
 If you are using a short movie/video clip, make sure it is no longer than 2-3 minutes. 
 For your paper, reference page, and presentation–please use MLA.

Possible Sources

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook:
  • California Occupational Guide: 
  • O*Net Online: