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HCD 310 - Professor Palomares (Spring 2020): Find Books & Articles

Off-Campus Access

To login from off-campus, you will need your eServices username (w+student ID) and password.

Difference between Newspapers, Magazines and Journals

Forensic Science International journal icon in OneSearchArticle icon in OneSearch

Scholarly Journal Articles (Peer Reviewed icon in OneSearch)

  • are written by subject experts in the field
  • report the results of a recent study or provide in-depth academic analysis of a topic
  • are written for experts and scholars in the field
  • tend to be long and in-depth (usually 10 - 30 pages)
  • include references or footnotes
  • articles are reviewed by peers before they are published

Popular Science Magazinearticle icon in OneSearch

Magazine Articles

  • are written by journalists
  • contain current events and general interest articles
  • are brief (usually 3-5 pages)
  • are written for the general public
  • generally do not contain any references or footnotes
  • articles are reviewed by magazine employees before they are published

news icon in OneSearch

Newspaper Articles

  • are written by journalists
  • contain current events
  • are brief (usually a few paragraphs and up to a page)
  • are written for the general public
  • do not contain any references or footnotes
  • articles are usually reviewed by newspaper editors (many online newspapers are not!)


OneSearch Los Rios Libraries

Find books, articles, ebooks and more

OneSearch is exactly what its name implies: one place to search for many different kinds of sources -- including books, eBooks, scholarly articles, news articles, videos, and more!

Requesting Materials from Another Los Rios Campus

You can request materials from any Los Rios Library to be sent to you at the North Natomas Library. This can take 2-4 business days, so put your request in early! 

Step 1: To process this request, click on the Sign in button and enter your w# and password. 

Step 2: Click on the Request button.

Step 3: Select Natomas Center from the Pickup Location drop down. Then click on Request Now.

OneSearch In One Minute

Refining your results & Search Tricks in OneSearch

Use the search tips below to improve your results:

  • Parentheses: Use with the word OR to combine ideas and expand your search. 
    • (college OR university)
    • (lawyer OR attorney)
    • (doctor OR physician)
  • Quotation marks: Use these around your keywords for an “exact search”. This tool will give you specific (aka fewer) results because it searches for your keywords exactly as you’ve entered them. 

    • EXAMPLE:

      • "day care"

      • "social media"

      • "vocational guidance"

  • Asterisk * : Use this to shorten a word and search for all possible endings of the root word. This tool will give you more results.
    • EXAMPLE:

      • manag* = manage, managing, managed

      • child* = child, children, childhood

      • reduc* = reduce, reduced, reduction

  • Show only scholarly journals
    • Look for Peer Reviewed in OneSearch

Scholarly journal articles can be very challenging, especially if you're new to them. These sources give some ideas on how to tackle a scholarly journal article.