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ENGWR 300 - Professor Flynn (Spring 2020): Topic Starting Points

Choose a problem or controversy relating to one of the topics regarding food of interest to you

" You may or may not have an idea about what you will propose; if you don't, your research should help you formulate your approach."

What should I focus on?

These sources are often good starting points for researching controversial issues. They'll give you an overview and alert you to issues in your topic which you may want to focus on.

Need help selecting a food topic, or narrowing down a problem or controversy to focus on?

  1. Start by searching in the search box for a general term like, "GMOs" Gale ebooks search bar
  2. Browse through the list of Encyclopedia articles for helpful sources OR look for the "Topic Finder" on the right to help narrow your topic

Gale ebooks topic finder start


Browse Topics Search by keyword

Go to “Browse Topics” to get ideas.

Drill down to find lists of topics, such as under Nutrition

Use the search box to find information on a general term like, "GMOs" and then click on an article to find different research questions.

Remember to use simple keywords (using 1-4 keywords maximum).

Finding a Good Research Question

From your assignment

Some example topics from your assignment

  • GMO foods,
    • processed foods,
    • fast food,
    • organic foods,
    • non-organic;
  • Chemical fertilizers- how they impact:
    • animals,
    • consumers, or
    • field workers/ their children;
  • Food additives and or meat and dairy how they react in the body;
  • Vegetarian diet, vegan, meat, corn, high fructose corn syrup;
  • Farmer’s markets,
    • supermarkets,
    • food deserts,
    • cheap food,
    • beef,
    • poultry,
    • dairy, or pork industry,
    • feedlots,
    • slaughter houses;
  • FDA,
    • food pyramids,
    • food labels,
    • farm bills,
    • food giants