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ENGWR 300+ - Professor Hess (Spring 2020): Finding Books and Articles - Essay 3

Essay 3 Prompt

Here are a few key pieces from your assignment prompt to keep in mind before you research. Requirements for the essay:
  • Write a paper related to veterans’ post-war experiences, both historical and today.
  • You may choose to be informative or argumentative or both
  • 1,800+ words demonstrating critical engagement with the texts.
  • All sources fact-checked thoroughly
  • One primary source (if this is a veteran interview,please follow the guidelines discussed in class)
  • At least two secondary sources.
  • Phantoms
  • MLA 8 format and documentation

Start Here!

Encyclopedia Articles

All links below are from the Encyclopedia of Military Science.

There articles are great places to begin your research because:

  • They're short and to the point.
  • You can breeze through a few quickly to see what interests you.
  • Find ideas and keywords to help you find more specific info in OneSearch.

Note: these articles are from 2013, so keep that in mind especially for any statistic they contain.


OneSearch Los Rios Libraries

Find books, articles, ebooks and more

Everyone will be writing about veterans post-war experiences, but you get to chose what aspects/subtopics of veterans experiences you want to focus on. So try a few searches before you make a final decision. :)

Important Notes:

  • Feel free to copy and paste the below examples into OneSearch above.
  • Don't forget the "Full-Text Online" AND "Publication Date" filters!
  • This list is not exhaustive! For more subtopic ideas check your assignment prompt.

If you were interested in the psychological aspects of veterans experiences, here are a few searches you could try:

  • veteran* mental health
  • veteran* PTSD
  • veteran* depression
  • veteran* (sexual harassment OR sexual assault)
  • veteran* substance abuse
  • veteran* suicide


If you were interested in social experiences of veterans, you might try some of these searches:

  • veteran* homeless*
  • veteran* education
  • veteran* healthcare
  • military veteran* ("social perception" OR "social support")

Search Tips and Examples

Search Tips:

  • 2-5 keywords often works well
  • Take advantage of the filters inside of OneSearch
  • Try different keywords - think synonyms!
    • Example: dog, puppy, hound, canine, etc. 

Search Tools

Asterisk: Use this to shorten a word with different possible endings to give you more results. 

Example: discriminat* 

The example above would find articles with the words: discriminate, discriminated, discrimination, etc.