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ENGWR 300 (online) - Professor Tabrizi (Spring 2020): Getting Started

Why Should I Use This Database?

Here are a few reasons why the Opposing Viewpoints database is a good place to start your research:

  • You can Opposing Viewpoints to gather background information on your topic, so if it's a topic that is new to you or unfamiliar to you, you can learn some general information about it before you begin doing more specific or focused research on your topic.
  • Many of the topics you search for will have "Viewpoints" which include pro and con arguments on your topic.

How to Use the Opposing Viewpoints Database - Video

How to Use Opposing Viewpoints to Find and Email Articles

Step 1. Type in essential keywords (e.g. fast food child*).

Search for terms: fast food and child*


Step 2. Click on "Viewpoints".  


Step 3. Scan titles for a relevant article. 


Step 4. Email relevant articles to yourself.

Access the Opposing Viewpoints Database

TIP: Begin your search with 1-3 essential keywords.  

TOPIC: Fast food has negative impact on children's health and their quality of life. 

  • Good keywords: fast food child*
  • Not so good keywords: children's quality of life  

The asterisk * will expand your results: child* = child, children