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ENGWR 300 (online) - Professor Pries (Fall 2023): MLA Style

What Should I Do on This Page?

On this page, you'll find a MLA Style Overview video and print resources that will show you how to generate in-text citations and a Works Cited page in Word and Google Docs.  Definitely watch this video if you haven't used the 8th edition or if you'd like a review of the citations process.

If you're not sure when or why you should cite sources, please watch the Cite Your Sources video.  In addition to this video, there are several print sources, like this MLA citation guide from ARC's Library, that you can use to help guide you craft your citations.

One of my favorites for citing online sources, is (works best with the Firefox browser); it's free and easy to use.  Watch the video below for more information about how to use this resource.

If you have any questions about this part of the research process, you can:

  • Email me directly at: (I'll email you back within 24 hours Mon - Fri).
  • Use the 24/7 Chat with a Librarian global service (staffed by an international team of librarians).
  • Call the Research Help Desk (916-484-8458) and leave a message.  A librarian will call you back within 24 hours (Mon - Fri).

In-Text Citations Within a Paper

In-Text Citations (within the paper)

In-text citations tell your professor which source you used at a specific point in the paper.  Here are 4 ways to cite in-text:


1. Author's Name in Parentheses

In a key 1922 case, Zucht v. King, the Supreme Court upheld states’ right to require vaccinations for children attending public schools (Matlesky 127).

2. Author's Name in the Sentence

Chidike and Buckland argue that vaccinations cause Austim and other developmental disorders (3)

Direct Quotes

3. Author's Name in Parentheses

The study also found that Autism is a "developmental disorder that is present at birth, and symptoms develop during the early childhood years" (Bekri 348).

4. Author's Name in the Sentence

Fumnaya states  "society has the right to protect itself against an epidemic that threatens the safety of its members" (33).

Citation Guides


If you don't find information about a particular source you need to cite, consider using one of the guides below or contacting a librarian.

MLA Style Overview (8th edition)

Cite your Sources: When & Why