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ENGWR 94/300 - Professor Engler (Spring 2021): Home

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This service is staffed by librarians at ARC and the rest of the world. So, great for getting quick answers to quick questions, but if you want to talk with a librarian who is already familiar with the assignment and the ARC library, please use my contact info above.

OneSearch in One Minute

Doing the research for this assignment

I kind of hate OneSearch. I don't think it works very well. A lot of the time it will get you what you need, but a lot of the time it won't. If it's not getting you what you need, please try another database and/or let me know so I can help :)

You need at least 3 secondary sources for this assignment. Secondary sources will help you show how your quote relates to society today. For example, if my quote were:

"...Without creativity of some kind, I doubt that we'd get through many of the problems life poses. It's certainly one of the most important coping skills that parents can help their children develop."

I could connect it to society by finding information about how parents can help children develop creativity. I could find information about how creativity is useful for problem solving. I could find information for how creativity helps people cope with particular problems or situations, like grief or stress. So then I would go to OneSearch and try searches like:

parents develop creativity children

creativity grief

creativity problem solving 

I would be very happy to help you find sources. Remember OneSearch can be frustrating. If it's getting frustrating, that's the perfect time to reach out :)


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