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NUTRI 300 - Professor Lopez (Fall 2022): Supermarket Redlining

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Sacramento Redlining Map (1937)

"Redlining is institutionalized racism intentionally designed to put minority communities at a disadvantage. This process results in neighborhood economic decline, causing lack of basic services like healthcare, banking, fewer job opportunities, means of transportation and limited access to nutritious food to put on the table" (Redlining and Food Justice in America).

The term redlining was first used to reference to this discriminatory practice that affected people of color who sought mortgages to buy homes, as well as loans to finance businesses, and it has since been expanded to incorporate the concept of supermarket redlining where "chain supermarkets either closed down, relocated to suburban areas or chose not to open in neighborhoods with high black populations" (How the Rise of Supermarkets Left Out Black America).

You can access the Sacramento Redlining Map to view "government sanctioned zonings meant to guide banks to only loan to certain kinds of people in certain areas. Specifically, higher income white people. Though the official endorsement of the federal government eventually ended, the practice continued into the 1970s" and the devastating impacts of that practice continues to reverberate through our communities today (Getting Around Sacramento).