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IS 312 - Professor Collihan (Spring 2021): Getting Started

Why Use the Databases on This Page?

Why Use the Databases on This Page?

  • The databases on this page are great for providing you with the information you need to write your overview.

How to Use the Databases on This Page?

  • Start by watching each of the database videos below, and then practice applying what you learned as you explore each of the databases.
  • Use 1-3 keywords that are related to your topic to see what kind of background information you can discover.

Have a Question?

If you have any questions about how to uses the resources on this page, you can email me at, access the 24/7 Chat Service, or contact any one of the other ARC librarians.

How to Use the Preliminary Research Databases - Videos

Databases for Background Research

The following databases are great resources to start with to gather some background information on your topic.  

TIP: The most effective way to use these particular databases is to begin with 1-3 keywords.  

TOPIC: Climate change is impacting migration decisions for many islanders including those living in the Maldives.

Good: "climate change"

Better: "climate change" maldives OR maldives migration

Not so good: climate change impact migration decisions maldives


1) Use quotation marks around a phrase when the order of the words matter (e.g. "Kobe Bryant").

2) The asterisk * will bring back multiple results (e.g. migra* = migrant, migration, migrating...)

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