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NUTRI 300 - Professor Lopez (Spring 2024): Photos

What Should I Do on This Page?

Free Images

Part of your assignment requires you to add a photo of the food/dish you list as your example, so I've included a few sources where you can access free images to include in this assignment.  

Any time we borrow someone else's ideas or content, it's critical that we provide attribution, or credit, the creator(s) of that work, so in this case, be sure to provide the title of the work and name of the photographer (when available), and/or reference the source where you accessed the image.

What Is Attribution

Learn more about why and how to provide attribution for a creator's content.

Free Images

What Is Attribution?

There are a couple of reasons why giving attribution to the image owner is important:

  1. "It transparently showcases that the image does not belong to the user but is the visual property of a certain image owner.
  2. It gives a fair warning to others that they too must follow the image owner’s terms and conditions if they would like to use that piece of work."

Even when attribution isn't required, it's always a good practice to credit the photographer and recognize the site hosting the content.

Source: Image Credits 101: How To Give Image Credits [With Examples]