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ENGWR 300 - Professor Bronstein (Fall 2019): OneSearch


OneSearch is really what it's name implies, one place to search for many different kinds of sources, including; books, eBooks, academic articles, news articles, videos, and more!

Remember to take advantage of the limiters on the left of your search results to ensure you are getting current resources that you can access!

You can limit by a variety of things include date (for this essay, you might want to limit the search from 2014 to the present), booksmagazinesnewspapers, and academic journals.

Because you are searching through so much, you'll want to use more advanced searches:

Examples of research topics, based on Professor Bronstein's assignment:

  1. police brutality
  2. implicit bias
  3. gender pay gap
  4. cell phone usage
  5. refugee policies
  6. Vietnam War

Search Tips

Quotation marks: Use quotations marks around your keywords for an exact or phrase search. This tool will give you specific (fewer) results because it searches for your keywords together, exactly as you’ve entered them. 

Examples: "social media"    "pay gap"

Parentheses: Use parentheses around keywords separated by the word OR to expand your search.

Example: ("police brutality" OR "police corruption" OR "police ethics")  (debate OR controversy OR argument)

Asterisk: Use this to shorten a word and search for all possible endings of a root word. This tool will give you more results. For controversies, try adding these words to your search.

Example: "discrimin* (debate OR argument OR controversy)

Combining words and phrases: Combine keywords when searching. You may have to try more than one search to find what you want. Try your search with and without quotation marks around phrases.



(cell phones OR smart phones) classroom

("cell phones" OR "smart phones") students  


On Google:

Adding to your search to retrieve educational sites (or to your search to retrieve government sites). Try adding pdf.


Example: "refugee camps" child* family separation U.S. pdf


The New One Search Coming 2020