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PSYC 370 - Professor Scott (Spring 2020): Articles

Differences Between Magazines and Journals


  • contain current events and general interest articles
  • publish brief articles written for the general public
  • are written by journalists
  • generally do not contain any references or notes--the reader does not know where the author got the information to write the article
  • articles are reviewed by magazine employees before they are published


  • contain news and research topics from a specific field of interest
  • publish long, in-depth articles written for experts and scholars in the field
  • are written by subject experts in the field
  • include references or footnotes--reader knows where the author obtained the information to write the article
  • articles are reviewed by peers (other subject experts) before they are published

How to Read a Scholarly Journal Article

Scholarly journal articles can be very challenging, especially if you're new to them. These sources give some ideas on how to tackle a scholarly journal article.

Finding Articles

Finding an Original Research Article

You'll need to find an article in which the author or authors describe a study or experiment that they actually conducted themselves.

When looking through articles, keep an eye out for:

  • Language in the abstract like "In this study..." and then a description of the study they conducted.

  • In the article itself, you'll see sections like methods or methodology, results, and discussion, in which the authors describe the study.

Examples from OneSearch: