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LGBTQIA+ Library Resources: LGBTQIA+ Info @ The Library

Researching LGBTQIA+ Topics

"LGBT/queer studies is an interdisciplinary field of academic study that has as its focus the experiences and ideas of LGBT/queer people and communities." 

What this means is that when you're researching LGBTQIA+ topics, you'll often find resources in a variety of fields, such as: psychology, sociology, gender studies, women's studies, humanities, literature, history, etc. 

To do this successfully, try a variety of search terms until you find what you need. Take a look at the list below.

Keyword Ideas

  •     Asexuality
  •     Bisexual*
  •     Gay
  •     Gay and Lesbian Studies
  •     Gay Liberation Movement
  •     Gay Rights
  •     Gender Identity
  •     Gender Studies
  •     GLBT
  •     Heteronormative
  •     Homophobia
  •     Homosexuality
  •     Intersexed
  •     Lesbian*
  •     LGBT
  •     Queer
  •     Queer Theory
  •     Sex Discrimination
  •     Sexual Orientation
  •     Sexuality
  •     Trans*
  •     Transexual*
  •     Transgender
  •     Two Spirit



OneSearch is really what it's name implies, one place to search for many different kinds of sources, including; books, eBooks, academic articles, news articles, videos, and more!

Remember to take advantage of the filters on the left hand side of your results to refine your search.

Search Tips

Using Parentheses

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Using Quotation Marks

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Using the Asterisk

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