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TAFILM 307 - Professor Silva: Asians in Film

Assignment 3B

Assignment Three/Hispanics/Latino or Asians/4-5 pages/40 points

Choose either assignment A or assignment B. You can only complete one of the two assignments.

Assignment 3B - Choose a film that contains a role/roles for Asians and watch it.

  1. Identify the name of the film, the director of the film, and the year the film was made.

  1. Briefly explain the plot of the film.
  • What is the function of the Asian character in the film?
  • Is the character part of the main plot or just peripheral?

  1. Analyze the film for themes and messages about the role of Asians in American society.
  • Are there stereotypes in the film? Are there overt messages concerning the role of Asians?
  • Are there hidden messages?

Support your analysis with examples of taken directly from the film (such as an explanation of a scene or dialogue).

Asians in Film