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ENGED 320 - Professor Borcz (Spring 2020): Activities & Games Resources



Example articles to start with:

SCHOLASTIC News® with Weekly Reader® Teacher's Guide Vol. 74 No. 11, January 8, 2018: The article presents a lesson plan for elementary education which teaches the ideology of social activist Martin Luther King Junior, vocabulary, and the women in the U.S. National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA).

NEWS® Teacher's Guide Vol. 75 No. 16, March 4, 2019: The article presents a lesson plan for grade school education which teaches students on how to save pandas.

SCHOLASTIC News TEACHER'S GUIDE Vol. 76 No. 10, JANUARY 6, 2020: The article presents a lesson plan for primary education which teaches about influential leaders of the civil rights movement.

Anti-Bias Lesson Plans

ADL Curriculum Connections: Anti-Bias Lesson Plans and Resources for K-12 Education

Created by the Anti-Defamation League, the Web site is a collection of lesson plans and resources for K-12 educators. The resources help integrate multicultural, anti-bias, and social justice themes into the curricula.