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NUTRI 310 - Professor Beccarelli (Spring 2020): Selected Print Books

Selected Books

Suggestions -- Look for:

  • Cultural food books listing many different cultures
  • Foods in world history books
  • A food culture book for a specific country or culture
  • A book on a specific country that has a food section
  • Recipe books providing information about the culture or country

Not a complete list of what you can find in the library catalog, but the following is a good start.

General Search Tips

Quotation Marks

Use to find exact phrases

"global warming"

"nutritional anthropology" 


Find alternative spellings; alternative endings

wom*n = woman; women

cook* = cooking, cookbook

anthropolog* = anthropology; anthropological

cultur* = culture, cultural

CTRL + "F"

Finds words or phrases on a page

Brainstorm Alternative/Similar Keywords, using "or"

(food or cuisine) thailand = this one search will get articles about food in thailand or cuisine in thailand

(costco or "big -box store) will get articles on Costco or big-box stores, in general

(doctor or physician)