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ANTH 303: Professor Nelson (Spring 2020): Welcome


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Intro to the Library

Your Assignments

Writing Assignment
Topic Prospectus
Forensic Anthropology 303

A prospectus is an introduction of your subject. The prospectus should get the student thinking about the subject and how the student will approach the research.  Each student will complete a topic prospectus by following the outline below:

    Paragraph one:  Introduce and define the topic

    Paragraph two:  What question about your topic do you intend to pursue?

    Paragraph three:  List two of your primary or secondary sources. This is not a Bibliography –merely the resources you skimmed or read.
                  Example: The Forensic Casebook by N. Genge, or Journal of  Forensic Science.

Five Reviews
Forensic Anthropology
Writing Assignment

Step 1: From the bibliography of ten sources, you will complete an article review form for five of these sources. Complete each question of the form. Remember the time and effort you spend on this form will help when writing the final paper. Basically you will write the who, what, when, where, and how of the article. Of course, you will have to completely read and analyze the article in order to write a good review. The review sheet will be typed. The article review sheet is found on Canvas-Course Materials Section-writing package.

Step 2: You will copy and attach to back of the review sheet the article front page with title, author and abstract or introductory statement of the author.

Step 3: You will turn in the following for grading:
     1. A cover page with Forensic Anthropology 303; the name of the subject; your name; Article Review and the date.
     2. Your five reviews with the author’s abstract or introduction page attached to the back of each abstract.

Introduction Essay
Forensic Anthropology
Writing Assignment

Step 1: The final part of your writing assignment is to write an introduction of the subject you picked. This introduction essay should be 4-6 pages in length, 12 font, double-spaced, and have normal margins. The introduction essay will be a summary of the sources you read and the reviews you completed. This essay should tie together the different articles and give the reader an in-depth introduction to the subject. You may use any or all of the ten sources of your bibliography plus any other sources you may find since you posted your original bibliography. However, if you use new sources, you will reference these sources in the bibliography you post with your essay. Note: follow APA rules when citing references inside your paper.

Step 2: The final package will consist of the following:
    1.  A cover Page—Forensic Anthropology, Topic title, Introduction Essay, your name and date.
    2. Your revised bibliography----to include all works you used
    3. Your graded five reviews----do not include the author abstracts this time
    4. The final introduction essay

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