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NATR 300 - Professor Papouchis (Spring 2020): Home


Welcome! This guide will help you use the ARC library's resources to find information for your upcoming research assignments. If you're stuck, don't hesitate to ask me or any other librarian for some help. You can stop by the library's Research Help Desk in person, or call/email/text if you prefer. You can also ask me a question in Canvas on your class discussion board. Best of luck and happy researching!

Contact a Librarian

ask a librarian, contact us; phone, email, text

Intro to the Library

FIve Things to Keep in Mind When Doing Research

It will take time. You probably won't find everything you need on your first try, and that's OK. Even experienced researchers need to spend many hours looking for information.

It's all about search terms. Your results are only as good as your search terms, and finding relevant search terms takes time and some creative thinking. Try as many combinations as you can think of and look for better search terms within the relevant results you do find. Stuck? Ask a librarian for help!

You may not find that "perfect" source. Many times we want a source that perfectly summarizes everything we want to know. That source may not exist. :( You will probably need to find multiple sources that each address different aspects of your topic.

It's OK for your ideas to change. In fact, it's best to keep an open mind when researching, and if you start to find evidence that makes you question your original ideas, take some time to think about whether you should go in a different direction. Talk to your instructor about it, too!

Have fun! Enjoy the process of researching and learning about a new topic. :)


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