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NATR 300 - Professor Papouchis (Spring 2020): Library Databases: Find Books & Articles

Suggested Databases

Here are several databases that would be good for environmental topics:

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Database Search Tips

Quotation marks: Use these around your keywords for what is called an exact or phrase search. This tool will give you fewer results because it searches for your keywords together, exactly as you’ve entered them. This is useful when you are searching for a specific title or phrase, i.e. names of organizations. 

Example: "Earth Island Institute"  


Parentheses: Use these around keywords separated by the word or to expand your search. In the example below, we are doing two searches (climate change and "carbon dioxide") as well as (climate change and "nitrous oxide") in one step. 

Example: climate change ("carbon dioxide" OR "nitrous oxide")


Asterisk: Use this to shorten a word and search for all possible endings of a root word, ie the search below is searching for Pollution, Pollutant, Pollutants, etc. This tool will give you more results

Example: Pollut*


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