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ENGWR 480 - Professor Prieto (Fall 2020) : Home

Find Your Focus: 3:30 Technique

3 Minute Free-Write: Think about why you chose your topic and why it's important or interesting to you. Free-write for 3 minutes without judgement or editing

30 Minute Free-Read: Give yourself 30 minutes to read about your topic with no agenda. See where your reading leads you. 

After this 33 minute process, reflect on what aspects of your topic seem most interesting and important. Once you have a few ideas, do some more research to make sure you can find enough information to write your paper. 

Suggested Databases

Suggested Search Terms

Here are some examples of search terms that may work well in OneSearch, EBSCO Search, and Google Scholar: 

  • "Asian american" racism education
  • "Asian American" racism health
  • "Asian American" discrimination
  • "Asian American" structural inequality
  • "Asian American" criminal justice
  • "Asian American" stereotypes media
  • "perpetual foreigner" "asian american"

Starting Points: Books & articles you might find helpful

Here are some examples of the types of books and articles you can find in the library's databases. This is just a small sample - if you aren't finding the information you're hoping for, please get in touch with me! You can schedule an appointment or email me at  

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