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ENGWR 300 - Professor Goldbar (Fall 2023): Getting Started

Why Use the Database on This Page?

Why Use the Gale eBooks Database?

  • Gale eBooks are a great place to start your research because most of the content found here are encyclopedias or Reference Resources.  Encyclopedias provide an overview of a topic and are really helpful for introducing you to a topic that may be new to you.  They are also a great resource for discovering relevant keywords to use in your searches.

How to Use the Gale eBooks Database?

  • Start by watching the video below, and then practice applying what you learned as you explore each of the database.
  • Use 1-3 keywords that are related to your topic to see what kind of background information you can discover.
  • NOTE: Professor Goldbar has stated that you may not use "multiple subject encyclopedias."  A lot of the content you'll find in this resource is drawn from multiple subject encyclopedias, so you'll want to use this resource as preliminary research for yourself (much like the questions from Anne Bogel's book, Don't Over Think It, were provided for you to help you chose your topic for this research assignment)


Remember, if you have any questions about how to use this database, you can email me at, or contact any one of the ARC librarians.

How to Use the Preliminary Research Databases - Videos

Databases for Background Research

This database is a great resources to start with to gather some background information on your topic.  

TIP: The most effective way to use this particular databases is to begin with 1-3 keywords.  

TOPIC: What is the impact of multiculturalism and cultural assimilation on the United States?

Good: DACA

Good: indigenous peoples rights

Not so good because it's too long for this database: healthcare discrimination people of color