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PSYC 320 - Professor Beckum (Fall 2023): APA Style

APA Publication Manual (2020)

ARC's Expectations of Student Behavior & Conduct

Here you'll find the definition and possible consequences of plagiarism at ARC. 

Library Statement on Citing

While the ARC Library provides information on APA and MLA citation styles in order to support students, we support focusing on the goals of citation (acknowledging, and leading the reader to, sources) rather than on the mechanics. A number of readings have influenced our thinking. In particular, we are given pause by the work of Dr. Asao B. Inoue, who discusses the racial and class concerns associated with grading student work by how closely it approximates a particular style. We invite you to consider with us the costs and benefits of requiring that students produce “proper” or “error-free” citations and would welcome discussion.

Cite your Sources: When & Why

APA Essay Format 7th Ed. (by The Nature of Writing)

Helpful Guide from the ARC Library

Citing Government Publications