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HCD 310 - Professor Palomares (Spring 2024): Welcome & Connect with a Librarian


Martee Squire

Hello Class! My name is Martee Squire (she/they), and I designed this guide to help you find information for your Career Research Presentation.

One of the most important resources that can make your research process easier and faster is a librarian. Okay, I know I biased, but hear me out. :)

I and all the other ARC librarians are here to help you with your research. We want you to ask us questions! So, if any questions pop up with this, or any other research assignment you're working on, please ask us. We're happy to help! Find out all the ways you can contact an ARC Librarian on this page.

Please feel free to email me directly at:

Research Help Desk

The Research Help Desk, located in the back, right corner from the main entrance of the library, is staffed by a librarian during regular business hours. Please stop by or call (916) 484-8458 for assistance with your library or research questions. If you need to check out a book or have questions about your library account, please speak with library staff at the circulation desk near the front of the library. 

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