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ENGWR 300 - Professor Barkley (Fall 2023): Welcome!

ENGWR 300—Unit III Final Paper: Argumentative Research Essay

Assignment Excerpts

In response to our readings, you will write a thesis-driven argumentative essay on the topic of happiness—the paper can be about anything you choose, as long as it ties into happiness in some way. To support your argument, you must incorporate two to three secondary sources found via the ARC library website (you may use the provided Unit III readings as additional sources, but the library sources are required). This essay will provide a final opportunity for you to demonstrate the skills acquired in College Composition because it draws upon analysis, argumentation, quotation, and proper use and citation of sources.

. . . . .

Some of the possible topics you can explore include (but are not limited to):

  1. Defining Happiness: This unit has opinions from many different authors and thinkers on what happiness actually is. Now it is your turn to join the conversation—what exactly is happiness? How is it achieved? Do you agree with any of the definitions that you have seen so far? If so, which ones and why? If not, come up with your definition and support your claim with sources from the chapter and the library database. (Be sure to still focus this option on your own argument; don’t just do a review of the sources and say if you agree or not.)
  2. Pursuing Happiness: The Declaration of Independence names “the pursuit of happiness” as one of the unalienable rights of mankind. But as we’ve seen in our readings, many disagree on how happiness should be pursued, while some wonder if it should be pursued at all. Join the conversation about this pursuit, using specific examples and supporting your claims with quotations from the sources.

. . . . .

We will use the ARC library portal to access and engage with two to three secondary sources appropriate for college-level writing. You may want to look for sources to help you support the content of your argument, or you may want to hunt for additional contextual information (historical, cultural, biographical) to support your claims.


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