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Kanopy Streaming Media Database: Closed Captioning
& Transcripts

Important Notice

The Kanopy database is a dynamic resource that is updated regularly to improve usability. Screen shots are provided to give an overview. The interface you access may be slightly different from the images provided in this guide. In those cases, look for similar labels to achieve your desired goal.

Closed Captioning

Most (but not all) videos in Kanopy include closed captioning, and the database is adding new captioning to content every day. If you see a CC symbol below the film, it means it includes captions. Captions are turned off by default, but can easily be turned on by following these steps:

  1. Press Play to start the video
  2. Click the cc symbol in the lower right corner of the video window.
  3. Click the word English (or preferred language) to turn captions on.

Note: In order to comply with accessibility laws, videos must included closed captioning if you are embedding into the LMS or you are requiring all students to watch the video as part of an assignment. You can use closed captioning as criteria when searching for films in the database. Follow the steps for Advanced Search described in the Browsing and Searching Titles section of this guide.

Screen shot showing step 1 described in text

Screen shot showing steps 2-3 described in text


Interactive transcripts are available for videos in the database. With them, users can:

  • view the full-text script of the video (in English or Spanish) and follow along as the video plays
  • click on any line in the transcript to jump to that spot in the video playback
  • scroll the transcript to browse the film

To access a transcript, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "More" button under the video playback
  2. Select Transcript from the menu
  3. The transcript line highlights in orange as the text is being spoken on screen.

Screen shot showing steps 1-3 described in text