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Researching Local Issues in Sacramento: Starting Points

(Work in Progress)

Tips for Researching Local Issues

Investigating local issues is rewarding and interesting, but it can also be challenging! 

The info you need is probably not all in one place, so you'll need to get creative. Tips:

  • Think like a news reporter who's been assigned write an in-depth story. Where would you look for info?
    • Consider contacting/interviewing a local expert
  • Start by doing a Google search along these lines: [your topic Sacramento]. Spend 10 - 20 minutes reading everything you can find about the issue. Keep an open mind at this point, because there may be conflicting information.
  • As you research, take notes. Write down names of important people, organizations, titles of relevant legislation, etc, that might help you find more info. Later, Google those people/organizations/laws. 
  • Check out local newspapers like the Sacramento News and Review or the Sacramento Bee. Use their search boxes to look for information on your topic. 
  • Check to see if any local or state government agencies have relevant info. Try and  Use their search boxes!
  • Even if your focus is a local issue, look for general background information on the topic as a whole. Good places to look would be library databases like OneSearch, CQ Researcher, or Gale Virtual Reference Library. 
  • Are you not finding much? Ask a librarian for help! 

The Tower Bridge in Sacramento, CA. Public domain image.