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ARC Library Resources for Natomas Center Faculty: Library Services


We understand that one can feel removed from the services provided at main campus when working at an outreach center.  However, the ARC Library on main campus is still here to support you and your students.  This guide is an introduction to the library resources available to the Natomas Center faculty.  The library can provide you and your students with orientations, course reserves, and research help.

Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about library services at the Natomas Center.

Faculty Services

Please check out ARC's Library's website with information for Faculty Services.  This includes information on library orientations, course reserves, collection development, and more.

Library Services for Students

The Services for Distance Students Research Guide is an introduction to library services and resources for distance students and outreach center students.

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Library Department Liaison

Each department has a librarian liaison who develops the library's collection for that department.  Please contact your librarian liaison if you have any collection ideas or questions.