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Library Research Guides

Interpreter Preparation Program: Articles

An introduction to finding resources in the library and online to assist with IPP research.

Off-Campus Access

To login from off-campus, you will need your eServices username (w+student ID) and password. 

Suggested Search Terms


  • American Sign Language
  • ASL
  • Deaf
  • Hearing
  • Sign Language
  • Sign Language Interpret*

Basic Search Tips

QUOTATION MARKS: Put exact phrases in quotation marks

  • “deaf culture”
  • “sign language interpreting”

ASTERISK: Put an asterisk (*) at the end of a word to search for all possible endings

  • interpret* will search for interpreter, interpreting, etc.

BOOLEAN OPERATORS: Use operators to link ideas and narrow/broaden your search

  • “american sign language” AND interpreting
  • “deaf” OR “hearing impaired”
  • “sign language” NOT American


The library subscribes to dozens of scholarly databases, both general and subject-based. Within these databases are scholarly, newspaper, and magazine articles, ebooks, and more that as a student you can access for free. If you are looking for resources in a specific field, going to a subject database will produce more relevant results.

Suggested Databases:


Scholarly (a.k.a. peer-reviewed or academic) articles are usually published in journals, a type of periodical (meaning it's published on a regular basis). The journals listed below can be found in the databases to the left, but you may want to search for articles in a specific journal.