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HCD 310 - Professor Odell: Identify sub-topics

From your Assignment

Process: . . . You should plan ahead to determine an overall goal, outline and structure of the project and then delegate sections for each individual group member which will eventually be combined into a single product. It is important that you check in consistently to update the group on individual progress to make sure everyone is on the same page and remaining consistent in messaging and format.

Start looking for background information by Googling your topic and by searching Gale eBooks, the libraries collection of online encyclopedias. 

Start by:

  1. Look for the suggested search in the Sub-topic searches box.
  2. Click on Gale eBooks button and log in with your w# and password
  3. Try the suggested search
  4. Email helpful articles to yourself and your group

This page builds on the Getting Started with Research module in the in the Library Research Tutorials Canvas course

Sub-topic searches

Because Gale eBooks ONLY contains encyclopedia articles, you'll want to make sure you use simple searches. I've given you examples to get you started below:

  • Wellness
    • Sub-Topic Example Searches:
      • meditation
      • exercise
      • stress reduction OR management
      • healthy eating 
        • ​dietary guidelines
      • sleep
      • depression
      • anxiety 
  • Careers and/or major choice
    • Sub-Topic Example Searches:
      • Interviewing skills
        • employment interview
        • job interview
      • networking
        • business networking
      • LinkedIn
      • job search strategies
        • internships
  • Effective communication
    • Sub-Topic Example Searches:
  • Finances
    • Sub-Topic Example Searches:
      • Investing
      • retirement planning
      • home buying
      • minimalist lifestyle
      • tiny home movement - I would go straight to the next tab and OneSearch for this topic
  • Diversity
    • Sub-Topic Example Searches:
      • unconscious bias
      • objectification of women
      • minorities in media
      • challenges faced by first generation students I would go straight to the next tab and OneSearch for this topic
      • issues faced by underserved groups (may choose to focus on one group, ie. Native Americans, African-Americans, etc.) in college
        • Native Americans 
        • African Americans
        • Latinx
  • Happiness
    • Sub-Topic Example Searches:
      • Wealth 
      • gratitude
      • kindness
      • social media 
      • hedonic adaptation I would go straight to the next tab and OneSearch for this topic
      • resilience
      • emotional intelligence
      • growth mindset
      • self-compassion 
  • College culture
    • Sub-Topic Example Searches:
      • college drinking culture
      • academic cheating in college
        • try plagiarism
      • homesickness
      • sexual harassment campus
        • sexual assault campus

Gale eBooks

To login from off-campus, you will need your eServices username (w+student ID) and password.

Email Articles from Gale eBooks

  1. Click on the title of an encyclopedia article in Gale eBooks Gale ebooks search results
  2. Once on the article page, click on the email icon in the pageGale ebooks email iconzoomed in Gale ebook email icon
  3. Enter your email address in the "To" field. This can be either your personal email or your Los Rios Gmail. 
  4. Once you receive the Full Text of the article the MLA Citation will be at the very bottom of the article/email.