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ENGWR 302 - Professor Blunk (Spring 2021): Getting Started

What Should I Do on This Page?

The first step of the Research Process is to identify and develop your topic.  Once you have selected your topic, it's important to develop a research question that has an argumentative edge.  So watch the Finding a Good Research Question video below to get you on the right track.

The second step of the research process is to gather background information also known as contextual research.

The database videos below are great tools for helping you do contextual research so you can develop an overview of your topic.  As you watch each of the database videos below, practice applying what you learned from the videos as you try out each of the databases

Use 1-3 keywords that are related to your topic to see what kind of background information you can discover.

How to Use the Preliminary Research Databases - Videos

Finding a Good Research Question

Databases for Preliminary & Contextual Research

The databases on this page are great resources to start with to do some preliminary and contextual research on your topic.  

TIP: The most effective way to use these particular databases is to begin with 1-3 keywords. 

TOPIC: Barbie dolls should/should not be allowed to be marketed to children.

Good: barbie doll market*

Not so good: barbie dolls allow marketing child*

TOPICS:  Fashion designers and clothing distributors should/should not be required to meet and maintain standardized sizing in order to avoid vanity sizing. 

Good: vanity sizing

Not so good: fashion designers clothing distributors standardized sizing

TIP: The asterisk * will bring back multiple results (e.g. child* = child AND children)