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Recommended Reading: Science Fiction: Home

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What is this guide?

The American River College Library, as well as the other Los Rios libraries, owns a large collection of science fiction titles. This guide provides listings of significant works of science fiction literature.

Note that not all books listed are available at the ARC library, many are at other Los Rios libraries and/or online. You can request a book from another library to be delivered to the ARC library by logging in, selecting the "request" button, and filling out the form. It can take a few days for a book to be transferred to ARC, and you will receive a notification when it is ready to be picked up. You can also go in person to any Los Rios library to borrow a book using your Los Rios student ID. Many of the books listed in this guide have eBook options or are solely available as eBooks. If you need help accessing an eBook, please go to the eBooks Guide

If you would like to recommend a title to be added to this guide, whether the library owns it or not, please contact the librarian. 

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