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First Amendment of the United States Constitution

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution states,

"Congress shall make no law. . .abridging the freedom of speech. . ."

However, there have still been frequent attempts—many which have been successful—to ban books in public institutions, including schools and libraries. This guide provides information on what books have been banned or contested, how, and why. If you need more information, please contact the library using the information below. 

What is this guide?

This guide was created to bring awareness and interest to literature that has been banned or challenged. When an author decides to publish a book, they run the risk of facing criticism for their work. Sometimes that criticism turns into a desire to ban or challenge the book. The American Library Association (ALA) has developed the Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF), which has collected data on banned books since 1990. According to the OIF, the top three reasons for the challenges were that the materials were:

  • Considered to be "sexually explicit"
  • Contained "offensive language"
  • Was "unsuited to any age group"

Please contact the library if you think a title should be added to this list.


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