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HIST 367 - Professor Gaudard (Fall 2023): Search Strategies for Potential Topics

What Should I Do on This Page?

Use OneSearch, EBSCO Search, and/or the ARC Library's version of Google Scholar to find the resources you need.

Remember, if you have any difficulty using any of the databases or resources on this page, you can email me at: or contact any one of the ARC librarians.


Find books, articles, ebooks and more

General Histories

Use the following strategy to limit your Google searches to educational sources:

Type in your keyword(s) and add the phrase "site:edu"

Example:  Holodomor site:edu

Example:  (russification or dekorinizatsiya) site:edu

Art/Film History

1. Use OneSearch to search for the title of the film.  Add the director's name to increase the precision of the results.

Example:  "the wanderers" peredvizhniki

2. Limit Resource Type to Reviews to see how critics responded to the film.

3. Need to watch one of the films your professor recommended? 

Search the Library's college of streaming video options (start with Kanopy).




Ebsco Search

NOTE: EBSCO Search does not include the Library's physical items like OneSearch, or any other non-EBSCO databases.  In addition, full text searching is not included.

Historical Analysis of Literature

Use a literary databases (e.g. Literature Resource Center) to search for a specific title. Add quotation marks around titles that are phrases.

Example:  "Master and Margarita"

Use OneSearch to search for a specific title.  And the author's last name to increase your precision.

Example: "what is to be done" chernyshevsky

Geographical History - Maps

Google Scholar