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NUTRI 300 - Professor Lopez (Spring 2024): Find Nutrient Dense Food Sources

What Should I Do on This Page?

Nutrition Calculators

You can use the nutrition calculators below to input your recipe and determine the recipe's nutrition and calorie information.  Try out all 3 to get a sense of how each of them works. 


Use the Google tips outlined below to search for a variety of nutrient dense foods.


You can use the photo sources below to access free images for each of the dishes you selected.  


If you're looking for a recipe to key into the nutrition calculators, you can explore these blogs (or search Instagram or Google, etc.) for recipes that reflect foods you eat at home or are interested in learning more about. 

Have a Question?

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Nutrition Calculators

Google Searches

Try using some of the following Google search tips to find nutirent dsense food sources.

Find nutrient dense food sources:

Find nutrient dense food sources from a particular country, region, or community:

Find nutrient dense food sources for a particular mineral or vitamin:


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