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FASHN 398 - Professor Umhauer (Spring 2020): Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

  1. How do you define/describe your competition? Identify both direct and indirect. 
  2. Identify three competitors by name and describe using a minimum of five descriptors for each company: Product/service, price range, quality, unique features, channels of distribution, promotion, geographic location.
  3. What strategy will you use to outperform your competition? Describe your strategy by answering the questions:
    • What will be better or different about the products and services that will be sold by the business?
    • To make it as successful as possible, which customers should be the focus of the business?
    • What will be better or different about the way the products and services are produced and delivered to those customers?

3 - eBooks on Fashion Marketing

To access an eBook: 

  1. Click on the title link
  2. (If off campus login with your eServices w# and password)
  3. On the left click on PDF Full Text to read the book in your browser (it is not recommended that you Download the eBook)