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Academic Research and Writing: Web

Searching the Web

While the library has access to many high-quality scholarly resources, it does not provide access to all information that might be useful for your assignment. Sometimes what you need is only available on the Web. With seemingly infinite websites, it is necessary to use a search engine, such as Google or Bing, to locate resources. 


Web Search Strategies

Did you know that the Google Search Engine has advanced search options? Check out the following video from Common Sense Education for search tips on making the most out of your Google search. 

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine made by Google that searches the entire web for scholarly resources. This can be very useful for finding resources that the library does not have access to. One way to get access to some of these is to add American River College to your Google Scholar settings under "Library Links"; when this is set up, resources that you can access through the ARC library will be indicated in the search results. 

Check out this video from the University of Technology Sydney Library on how to do an advanced search in Google Scholar. 

Google Vs. Bing

Google is the biggest search engine on the web, but it is not the only option. Here are a few articles about the differences between the two.