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Academic Research and Writing: Drafting & Editing


The first draft of a paper is often referred to as a "rough draft" because it almost certainly is going to need more work and revision. Whether you are turning in multiple drafts or only the final draft, you should not be worried about getting everything perfect in the first draft. Use your outline to flesh out your introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs as well as you are able.

More information on drafting:


Once you have a complete draft, you'll need to work on it until you are satisfied that your thesis is clear, that it is supported by the body paragraphs, and that your conclusion makes sense based on everything before it. 

Consider the following questions while you revise:

  • Are there grammar and spelling mistakes?
  • Does the organization make sense?
  • Is your thesis well-supported or do you need to do more research?
  • Have you met ALL of the requirements in the assignment prompt?

More information on Revising/Editing: