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Trauma-Informed Teaching: Home


American River College is proud to serve students from diverse backgrounds and experiences, including those who have experienced trauma — whether that be while growing up in the United States or as a refugee who has immigrated from a country undergoing dangerous unrest. This guide is meant to provide information, both literary and practical, that instructors can use to improve their teaching practices for students who have experienced trauma and to connect students with resources that can help them in challenging situations. 

If there is anything you recommend adding to this guide, please contact ARC librarian Marianne Harris. 

ARC Academic Senate Statement of Support for Afghan Students on Special Immigrant Visas 

The ARC Academic Senate offers its strong support for our Afghan students who may fear persecution for families or themselves in this time. Recognizing that the crisis in Afghanistan poses a threat to the safety of some of our students and their families, the ARC Academic Senate supports faculty giving flexibility for students to navigate their options for more privacy in the class environment.

We understand that students experiencing acute trauma need understanding, compassion, and resources. We support our faculty in negotiating deadlines and responsibilities with care for students under acute trauma. We support options for Afghan students to receive individual and group counseling tailored to the trauma of persecution. We advocate for the College to work tirelessly to identify students who may not have been able to reach the United States, and for the resources they and their families need for safe arrival back to Sacramento.

Adopted by unanimous vote of the American River College Academic Senate on September 23rd, 2021.


Director, Refugee Career Pathway
Olga Prizhbilov
(916) 568-3115

Interim Student Services Supervisor for the UNITE Center
Beaver Cares Basic Needs Housing & Food Insecurity Liaison

Valerie Adger
(916) 484-8826

Equity Officer
Jeff Stephenson
(916) 484-8462

Title IX Officer
Joshua Moon Johnson
(916) 484-8925

WEAVE Confidential Advocate
(916) 568-3011

This guide was created by Sarah Davis, Fall 2021.