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ENGWR 300 (online) - Professor Pries (Fall 2023): Opposing Viewpoints Database

Why Should I Use This Database?

Here are a few reasons why the Opposing Viewpoints database is also a good place to start your research:

  • You can use Opposing Viewpoints to gather background information on your topic, so if it's a topic that is new to you or unfamiliar to you, you can learn some general information about it before you begin doing more specific or focused research on your topic.
  • Many of the topics you search for will have "Viewpoints" which include pro and con arguments on your topic. 
  • Watch the Opposing Viewpoints video below to also discover why it's important to critically evaluate the information you find in this particular database.

What to Watch Out for When Using Opposing Viewpoints

How to Use Opposing Viewpoints to Find and Email Articles

Step 1. Type in essential keywords (e.g. fast food child*).

Search for terms: fast food and child*


Step 2. Click on "Viewpoints".  

this database has different types of information. one is "viewpoints."


Step 3. Scan titles for a relevant article. 

List of results


Step 4. Email relevant articles to yourself.

Fields to fill out in order to email the document to yourself.

Access the Opposing Viewpoints Database

TIP: Begin your search with 1-3 essential keywords.  

TOPIC: Fast food has negative impact on children's health and their quality of life. 

  • Good keywords: fast food child*
  • Not so good keywords: children's quality of life  

The asterisk * will expand your results: child* = child, children