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ENGWR 300 (online) - Professor Pries (Fall 2023): Scholarly Journal Articles

What Do I Need to Know About Scholarly Articles?

For this assignment, at least 1 of the sources you use must be a scholarly article.  So use the information presented on this page to learn:

  • How to read a scholarly journal article
    • Scholarly articles are not read from start to finish like a novel, and the How to Read a Scholarly Journal Article video below outlines a strategy you can use to save yourself time and increase your comprehension of what you are reading.
  • What the difference sections of a scholarly article
    • Scholarly articles typically include sections like an abstract, introduction, methods, conclusion or discussion, and knowing when and how to access the information in each section can also help increase your understanding of the material and save you time. The Anatomy of a Scholarly Article is an interactive you can use to learn more about those.
  • What peer review is
    • Peer reviewed articles (also known as scholarly articles) go through a specific process in order to be published in scholarly journals.  The Peer Review in 3 Minutes video explains what that process is and how peer reviewed articles can be used to support your research.


How to Read a Scholarly Journal Article

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Click on the image below to view the first and last pages of a scholarly article.  Click on the highlighted areas within the article to learn about the clues to look for when identifying scholarly articles.

clicking on this image will open a new page where different sections of the article are interactive

What Does Peer Review Mean?