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Films on Demand Database: Sharing Links
& Embedding

Important Notice

The Films on Demand database is a dynamic resource that is updated regularly to improve usability. Screen shots are provided to give an overview. The interface you access may be slightly different from the images provided in this guide. In those cases, look for similar labels to achieve your desired goal.

Sharing Links to FOD Videos

Every full-length video, segment, custom clip, and playlist comes with a pre-configured URL for sharing and linking. You cannot just copy and paste the URL in the top of your browser's address bar. You must use the URL generated from inside the database. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Link" button at the bottom of any full-length video, segment, custom clip, playlist, or favorites folder. This generates the permanent URL to your video(s) to use when sharing.
  2. Click the "Copy" link next to the "Record URL" (entire video) or "Segment URL" (segment) box
  3. Paste the link in the desired location (email, Canvas, Los Rios Google Apps Website, etc.)

Note: you can also email videos, playlists, and clips directly from Films on Demand by clicking the "Share" button in step one, but you must manually enter email addresses and messages.

screen shot shows steps 1-2 described in text

Embedding FOD Videos into Canvas

Embedding Films on Demand full-length videos and pre-segmented clips is easy, and must be done from inside Canvas. Embedding allows videos to be played directly in Canvas without re-directing students to the Films on Demand database or requiring an additional login.  To create an Assignment in Canvas, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Assignments" link on the left in the Canvas toolbar
  2. Click "+ Assignment" in the upper right
  3. Give your assignment a name
  4. A Rich Text Editor will appear. Click the Plug icon, and then Film on Demand from the dropdown menu. Note: If you aren't seeing Films on Demand as an option, use this workaround to embed a Films on Demand video into your course.
  5. Type in your search terms or the title of the video if you know it
  6. Click the search button
  7. When you see the correct video, click Embed (Note: Pay attention to the time and the title to make sure it is the video you want. You can also preview the video before embedding)
  8. Add any other criteria to your assignment and click "save" in the lower right

Videos aren't limited to Canvas Assignments. They can be added to pages, discussions, quizzes, and more. Follow steps 4-8 anywhere you see a Rich Text Editor and the Films on Demand logo (a lower case red and white f).

Note: Films on Demand does not support embedding custom segments. In those cases, you will link to the content just like you link to any outside content, but use the link generated from the Films on Demand database. Follow the steps described in the box on the left to get a working URL.

Screen shot from Canvas showing steps 1-2 described above

screenshot of the Canvas rich text editor. The title box is label 3 and the plug icon is labeled 4.

Screen shot from Canvas showing steps 5-6 described above

Screen shot from Canvas showing step 7 described above

Screen shot from Canvas showing step 8 described above