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Black Minds Matter 2018 @ ARC: Week 5: Ascription of Intelligence

Week 5

Recommended Book

Wood, J. L. (2019) Black minds matter: Realizing the brilliance, dignity, and morality of Black males in education. Montezuma. 

The library has ordered this title but it is not yet available.

Recommended Articles

Bonner, F. A., Jennings, M. E., Marbley, A. F., & Brown, L. A. (2008). Capitalizing on leadership capacity: Gifted African American males in high school. Roeper Review, 30(2), 93-103.

Ford, D. Y., & Moore, J. L. (2013). Understanding and reversing underachievement, low achievement, and achievement gaps among high-ability African American males in urban school contexts. The Urban Review, 45(4), 399-415.

Wood, J. L. (2014). Apprehension to engagement in the classroom: Perceptions of Black males in the community college. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 27(6), 785-803.

Sealey-Ruiz, Y. & Lewis, C. (2013). Letters to our teachers: Black and Latino males write about race in the urban English classroom. In J. Landsman (Ed.), Talking about race: Alleviating the fear (pp. 274-290). Sterling, VA: Stylus.

Optional Readings

Allen, Q. (2010). Racial microaggressions: The schooling experiences of Black middle-class males in Arizona’s secondary schools. Journal of African American Males in Education, 1(2), 125-143.

Singer, J. N. (2005). Understanding racism through the eyes of African American male student-athletes. Race Ethnicity and Education, 8(4), 365- 386.