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Black Minds Matter 2018 @ ARC: Week 8: Promising Practices for Teaching and Learning

Week 8

Recommended Book

Wood, J. L. (2019) Black minds matter: Realizing the brilliance, dignity, and morality of Black males in education. Montezuma. 

The library has ordered this title but it is not yet available.

Additional Books

Wood, J. L., & Harris III, F. (2016). Teaching Boys and Young Men of Color: A Guidebook. San Diego, CA: Lawndale Hill. •

Wood, J. L., Harris III, F., & White, K. (2015). Teaching men of color in the community college: A guidebook. San Diego, CA: Lawndale Hill. Required Articles

Recommended Articles

Howard, T. C., Douglass, T., & Warren, C. (2016). “What works?” Recommendations on improving academic experiences and outcomes for black males. Teachers College Record, 118(6), 1-10.

Essien, I. (2017). Teaching Black boys in early childhood education: Promising practices from exemplar teachers. Journal of African American Males in Education, 8(2), 3-27.

Tatum, A. W., & Gue, V. (2012). The sociocultural benefits of writing for African American adolescent males. Reading & Writing Quarterly, 28(2), 123-142. Optional Readings


Optional Readings

Tatum, A. W. (2006). Engaging African American males in reading. Educational Leadership, 63(5), 44.

Toldson, I. A., Braithwaite, R. L., & Rentie, R. J. (2009). Promoting college aspirations among school-age Black American males. In Black American males in higher education: Research, programs and academe (pp. 117-137). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.